Santi Flores was born in Albacete (Spain) where he has developed his life as an artist.

Surrounded by an extensive family of artisans in very different disciplines, Santi was always clear that he wanted to dedicate his professional life to activities similar to those he grew up with, and where creativity and technique are essential. For this he studied at the crafts school in Albacete, over the years he became a teacher at the crafts school in his city. Always attracted by art in all its disciplines, since his adolescence he began to participate in amateur theater companies, but the "discovery" of music was the turning point for the development of his own artistic language, music and plastic arts were fed mutually. For many years Santi worked professionally as a musician, at that time the visual arts were the perfect complement that allowed him to calm down what was a life of tours and concerts. In an incessant search for new paths and in those moments a vital need to change the creative processes, the balance totally tilted towards the plastic arts.

Since this turn towards the plastic arts took place, he has held numerous exhibitions in galleries, museums and other exhibition spaces in different cities of Spain, Berlin, Rome or New York. Being his urban exhibition in Manhattan (New York) in 2022 where everything lived and learned throughout his artistic career converges.


Sometimes I define my work as "Paleolithic art", in its substance and in its form, since I live in the city and the most abundant animal is the human being, whose feelings, their way of relating, their community or your individuality. When I try to reproduce these reflections in the form of sculpture or painting, I always seek to convey a positive message in which the viewer can feel involved and absorbed.

From the beginning, although I don't know why, I chose metal as the main material to develop my artistic language within sculpture. The research and learning of techniques for metal molding was my main objective with the purpose of being able to do everything that my mind was capable of imagining in this material.

Sculpture predominates mainly in my work, where painting or pictorial details are essential to convey the message I want to the viewer. I call these pictorial details "skins", since they give each of the sculptures a unique personality. On many occasions I capture these "skins" in a series of paintings on canvas.