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On this page you can find the work currently available, as well as the prices. You can also visit the linkOBRAS EN VENTA.

The last series of sculptures called ¨Cachitos¨ is made up of three stainless steel works. They have dimensions of 200x40x30 cm. The skins of each of the works are created with synthetic enamel. The price of each of the sculptures is €3,500.


The “Solitude” murals are made up of “Communities”. Each of the murals can be made up of one, two, three, etc. “communities,” depending on the space where it will be installed. Below is an example of a “Solitude” mural with dimensions of 310×220 cm. The murals are installed about 3 cm from the wall to create shadows and a greater sense of crowd. They are created in steel and enamel. The price of this mural is €3500. The price of other murals will depend on the dimensions.You can learn more about “Solitude” in the following link  SOLITUDE


These paintings available from the “More or Less” series. They are created in acrylic on linen canvas. With dimensions of 195x195cm in 4cm frames. The price of each of the paintings is €3000


graphic work around “solitude” is created on polyester sheet. The background is a map of a city (the title of the work) on this map the negative of the communities of «solitude» projected with synthetic spray and graphics in synthetic enamelThe dimensions are 250x95x4cm. The price of each work is €1,600. You can learn more about “Solitude” in the following link.  SOLITUD

new serie. ¨grafismos¨.

In recent years, Santi Flores has applied a series of graphics to all his works, which gives them a unique personality. He is now creating a series of paintings in which graphics are the protagonist. This work created in enamel on aluminum sheet has dimensions of 205x105x3 cm and has a price of €1,700.


Steel and synthetic enamel sculpture. Dimensions 290x50x40 cm. Price €5500


commissioned works

This is all the work available at the moment, but if there is something you like and it is not available, do not hesitate to write to us. If you like Santi’s art, we will surely find a solution.